What we do


High-quality textile-testing instruments

Installation and Service

Installation and Start-up of the equipment supplied and providing periodical Calibration and Servicing because we make customers, not sales

Customer Training

Training the customer staff for operating the equipment and analyzing the results

Our authorized dealerships

We are authorized by world reknown brands for sales & distribution

Advantage Scientific, Inc.

Taiwan company manufacturing FASTEST spinnerette inspection systems in the world

Bharat Machines

Punjab based renown manufacturer and supplier of wide range of knitting machines

Hornik Fibertech

Switzerland based company manufacturing Wool Fiber & Diameter (Micron) testing instruments

Keisokki Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Japan based company manufacturing Yarn clearer, Evenness tester, Classifault etc

Wira Instrumentation Ltd.

UK based manufacturer of Electronic Fineness meter for cotton, Electronic Fineness tester for wool, Fiber Diagram Machine for wool, Steaming Cylinder for fabric, Fiber Blend Analyzer, Microtome, Carpet Tumbler tester, Thickness tester for fabric and carpet

Testrite Ltd.

UK based manufacturer of Yarn Shrinkage Tester Equipment for filament, industrial yarn and non woven strips

Textest AG

Switzerland based manufacturer of microprocessor based and specialized instruments for non-woven, filtration and process houses

Tomsic SRL

Italian company manufacturing yarn evenness tester for spun material & Single yarn strength tester for spun & filament yarn

What's new

The Thymas family now welcomes its two new members

Team Member

Thermetrics LLC

Thermetrics manufactures a wide range of precision instruments for measuring and evaluating the thermal comfort of textiles, garments, protective apparel, and dynamic thermal environments such as automobile, truck, and aircraft interiors.
Team Member

Roaches International

Roaches International Ltd is the UK's leading manufacturer of laboratory and sample dyeing equipment as well as quality control testing equipment.

Meet Our Leaders

Team Member

Mr. Tulsidas Masand

Managing Director
(Electronic Engineer)

Mr. Girish Masand

(Electronic Engineer)

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